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How to Build an Email List

The Importance of Filling up Your Little Black Book

An email subscriber list is the equivalent of a little black book with names and telephone numbers of business partners or customers who are ready to join with you or buy the product or service you have to offer.

More importantly, this list contains the contact details of people who have (by filling their details in the form on your website) requested information from you about your product/service and given you permission to contact them with that and other relevant information.

There’s no easier way to get someone to send you money than by delivering to them a product or service that they requested information about and that they already considered would provide them with a solution to their problem.

In fact, the key benefit of building am email subscriber list is gaining the trust of your lead.  They’ve already shown they’re interested in what you have to offer by giving you their name and mail address.  Now all that remains is to convince them that you are the right person to buy from – this is where your email autoresponder works it’s magic.

The autoresponder never sleeps.  When your prospect completes the form on your webpage to request further information (which could be any time of the day or night), they’re looking for a quick response.  The quicker you can respond with information that enables them to come to an informed decision, the more likely they are to trust your authority and purchase from you.

An autoresponder builds trust with your lead/subscriber whether you are available or not, by sending a series of pre-written emails at pre-determined intervals.  These emails can showcase your product or service, pre-empt and answer questions or concerns your lead might have or even invite them to tell you more about their needs so you can (when you are available) deliver a response that is more tailored to them.

This auto response process plays an important role in the building of your list.  It essentially lets your prospect/lead know that you are an authority in your field and someone worth staying in contact with.  And the more people that wish to remain in contact with and receive information from you, the larger your list grows.

The bigger your list, the more sales you will make!

Now… let’s actually talk about how to build an email list.

I’ve already made references above to websites, forms, email subscribers and autoresponders.  So, let’s see how these elements integrate and improve your potential to generate significant online income.


We all know that a website’s main purpose is to deliver textual and or pictorial information to someone who is surfing the Internet.  Without a website, you have no means of presenting any information, product or service to anyone who may be potentially interested in it.

A website can either be built by yourself, built for you or provided to you by another person or company for whom you sell products or services in return for a percentage of the sale price (where you are considered an affiliate or distributor).  In either case, this is the first point of contact a web user will have with what you have to offer.

Web Form

A web form is the online equivalent of a conventional paper form, the purpose of which is to collect information about the person completing it.  

Web forms are typically integrated into multi-page websites or single page websites known as capture pages.  Capture pages are so named because their purpose is to capture the details (typically name and email address) of the person visiting the page.  

This enables the website or capture page owner to contact this person with a view to discussing their requirements or providing further information about the product or service presented on the capture page (or website).

Email Subscriber

Anyone completing a web form and submitting their details via the website or capture page to receive further information is considered an email subscriber.  They are essentially authorising contact via email from the website owner or affiliate.  

Email subscriber details are typically stored in a database otherwise known as an email list. This list is typically belongs to the website owner.  A point to note here is that affiliates or distributors who use company capture pages should be aware that through their efforts they are often collecting email subscribers (building a list) for the company rather than themselves.

Email Autoresponder

As it’s name suggests and as I’ve briefly described above, an email autoresponder responds automatically to requests for information (via web form submissions) by sending an email response, or series of email responses to the email subscriber(s).

The autoresponder has access to the email subscriber database and can therefore distribute it’s series of emails to each subscriber in the database automatically and without further intervention from the website owner or affiliate.

For the more productive marketer, an email autoresponder also presents the opportunity to send broadcast messages.  Broadcast messages are not automated – they are typically written by the marketer as and when he or she chooses and are typically used to highlight promotions or breaking news to their subscribers.

Although these messages are written and deployed as and when by the marketer, the autoresponder still enables the message to be sent only once, but to the entire email subscriber database.  

So while broadcast messages are over and above the pre-written automated responses that typically go out to subscribers, the autoresponder is still valuable as a time-saving contact management tool.

Just imagine having to send out thousands of emails individually without one!

Piecing it all together requires one final ingredient...

You have the website with which you can present your product or service to a visitor.  Your website includes a web form that enables you to capture the visitor’s contact details and add them to your email autoresponder database, which will automatically maintain contact with your potential customer in order to close the sale.

But, there is one other key element that you absolutely need to successfully build a list – website visitors otherwise known as website traffic.

Click here to discover several methods you can use to deliver constant website traffic to your capture page and maintain consistent growth in your email list and your online income.  

Never forget… “The Money is in The List”!

Start building a large email subscriber list today

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