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Putting an End to Blame Culture

It’s High Time We Took Responsibility for Our Actions!

Is it in our DNA... call it "human nature", to be unwilling to accept responsibility for our actions or lack thereof?  Or is it something, as in numerous other cases, that society instils in us through the actions of our peers?

It's relatively easy to see the failings of others, but less so to recognise our own shortcomings.  Could this be the real reason it's typically someone else's fault?

There are no two ways about it - people who don't accept responsibility for things that don't turn out the way they want, are either incapable of assessing their own contribution (if any) or they simply don't want to. 

Just like one plus one is equal to two, or the old adage "you only get out what you put in", an individual can typically expect results based on their acquired skills, aptitude and their own effort(s). 


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So why is this blame culture so prevalent?

Have you ever had a need for a product or service, but as is often the case nowadays where the choice of providers is endless, you asked for someone's opinion or based your decision on the reviews that other people may have left online?

Hopefully your experience of the product or service was a good one, but if it wasn't, and I hope you'll be honest here, did you find yourself quietly cursing the person or persons who influenced your decision to purchase?

Don't be embarrassed to admit it, I've done it myself. But when we look back on such misfortunes and analyse them a little closer, would it possibly be fair to say that we potentially were at fault, for say... not following instructions carefully or attempting to use a product in a slightly different way to how it was intended?

Was it really the fault of the person who recommended it to us. After all, if it worked for them, why wouldn't they recommend it?

Okay... some products are very straight forward to use.  There's perhaps not too much that can go wrong unless the product (or service) was sub-standard… so, there we potentially do have a case to complain.  We were ill-advised or poorly referred, and yes... it is a sort of referral, an endorsement of the product or service by someone whose judgement we trusted!

However, referral marketing (Internet marketing, network marketing or whatever you want to call it) is a little different though. If something doesn't go quite right there, it's likely to be that case I mentioned above where perhaps the instructions or guidance weren't followed carefully enough. 

And, before you say or even think it, not being given any guidance or instruction doesn't condemn any project or business to fail... no sir! We live in a digital age, where information is literally at our fingertips - there's hardly anything we cannot find out with a little effort. 

With that in mind, lets come back to this blame culture that, for sure, is deeply manifested in the work from home business space.  And for those of you who don't really know what Internet marketing is nor have ever tried, it can be a hugely rewarding and life-changing experience if you take time to learn the basics of online marketing

Thus, when some people fail to achieve their... let's say... their desires online, why is their reaction for the most part to apportion blame at everyone and everything but themselves? 

Like I said above, information is readily available, particularly since the advent of the Internet.  Even if the person who introduced you to an income opportunity provides you with no support or guidance, acquiring the basics will put you in good stead. 

So... what's the excuse?

All too often, we hear that it's either "too hard", "my sponsor left me" or "I'm new and don't know where to start", etc.

Each and every one of us was born with a brain, the ability to learn, to assimilate information and to put that learning into action.  A product is a product and a service is a service, we can either use them or offer them.  And typically, in Internet marketing, offering them is what will earn us the money. 

Every day we are bombarded with adverts - on TV, by email, in the post, on billboards, the back of checkout receipts, the sides of vehicles and by many other means. Marketing and advertising is part of our daily lives, we live it and breathe it.  And at some point in our lives, we recommend or refer people to others for services that we believe are useful and value for money or that we had a good experience of or with.

In short, each of us is already armed with the knowledge to share, to influence, to direct and ultimately to sell.  And if we don't make use of this knowledge or skills set, how can we realistically blame someone or something else for our under achievement. 

If Internet marketing is what you're doing and you fail, it's not the product's fault, it's not the service's fault nor is it the fault of your sponsor or introducer!

We can all see and we can all read.  This gives us the ability to learn skills and follow steps, to apply them or to utilise tools that improve our performance or likelihood of achievement. 

The biggest killers of dreams are lack of effort, general laziness, procrastination, impatience and unwillingness to acquire the necessary and basic skills required to disseminate information that ultimately can lead to us being paid for having shared it. 

Getting paid online is as simple as sharing information about a product or a service that resolves an issue for other people.  So, when sharing and telling and recommending is something that we systematically do in our daily lives, no-one has any excuse for blaming others when they don't apply these basic in-built skills for their financial advantage. 

When you decide to partake in an income opportunity, you are the one who should investigate and assess the product or service before investing time and money to operate your business.  And, in reality, you never join a business just because someone tells you to. You join it because you see the value of the product or service and the potential for financial gain. 

And while the past success of others cannot be considered a guarantee of your future success in the same business, it's fair to say their application and aptitude, determination and willingness, their desire to succeed and their subsequent appropriate actions are not beyond you. 

Success is a well-trodden and very often a well-documented path.  One simply needs to follow in the footsteps of those who have already shown the way.

Please indulge me for a second and, just in your head, answer me this...

- Whose “decision” is it if you choose to partake in an online income opportunity?

- Whose decision is it if you choose commit funds to an online income opportunity?

- Whose “decision” is it if you choose not to thoroughly assess a given product or service that you subsequently attempt to market or promote for financial gain?

- Whose “decision” is it if you choose not to acquire the necessary skills or tools to make your marketing efforts more effective?

- Whose “decision” is it if you choose not to connect and communicate with others in your niche or space that may have an interest in what you’re offering?

- Whose “decision” is it if you do not read information or guidance provided to you or that has been made accessible to you by whatever means?

Every action or non-action is a direct result of a "decision" you make as an individual when privy to certain information or faced with a given set of circumstances.  

And… the only person who can make that “decision” at any given time, is you!

With that said, and in the interest of taking responsibility for our own actions, I would suggest that blame should not exist - only acceptance that when given a choice, any subsequent decision must be owned by the decision maker as should the results (good or bad).

Have you ever blamed or been blamed by someone else for either your or their failure?  To share your experiences and your thoughts on this topic ==> Click HERE <==