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Why Choose Easy Profits Academy (EPA)?

Team Focus & Controlled Distribution of Revenue… Winner!

Easy Profits Academy is not simply a “program” nor just an income opportunity… it's many things. It's a concept, it's a resource, it's a movement.  It's objective... to empower and aid in the success of everyone it touches. 

While it's primarily aimed at new and inexperienced members of the Internet marketing and home-based business fraternity, it is being strategically developed to assist anyone and everyone (regardless of experience) to generate significant and life changing wealth from the comfort of their own home. 

EPA is "team focused".  It's development and the motives behind it are all based on supporting those who support it by whatever means (sponsorship, membership, donation, exchange, etc).  Becoming affiliated with EPA can be extremely beneficial to any given individual. 

At the very heart of its existence is the fully automated team build for All In One Profits (AIOP), whereby the administration’s and team members' promotional efforts results in monthly residual commissions being distributed throughout it's membership.  

In short... we share the revenue we generate for the benefit of our members!

Easy Profits Academy has been and is continually utilising numerous promotional methods to deliver referrals, signups and monthly residual income to each member who joins it's team build for All In One Profits. 

But, let us not lose sight of the BIG picture. Anyone can send traffic through a rotation system and call it a team build, but that's not only what EPA is all about.  Beyond delivering traffic, there's the empowerment of team members - showing people how to stand on their own two feet.  There's the sharing of and introduction to useful resources - tools of the trade.  And there's "paying it forward" - enabling team members to benefit from the sharing of revenue and traffic generated via the EPA website and external promotions. 

Easy Profits Academy recognises that as individuals, in general, successes are frequently minimal, but as a collective, a team, a community, much more can be achieved - particular when direction, training and resources are given and shared.  

All too often people give up on their dreams and their desires, because they are not supported enough and are left to fend for themselves.  And while we do believe it is an individual's responsibly to seek out the relevant knowledge and tools to achieve success, we also believe in providing the support and direction required to enable an individual to grow and become independent as well as becoming a valuable and active member of our team. 

All for one and one for all!

Almost everyone knows that to achieve any given goal, a unit or units of work must be done.  And most people know that working alone can be a long and tedious journey that all too often ends in failure. 

At EPA, we believe in and encourage teamwork.  In fact, we enforce it, both for the individual's benefit and the team as a whole. Every team member works for every other team member using our custom marketing campaigns. 

Imaging having an entire team all helping to promote your product/service, not just once (or until you get your quota), but always and forever!  

Imagine a dedicated website that generates targeted traffic and redirects it to your affiliate URL or website so you can make sales and grow your monthly income. 

Does that sound like something you might want to benefit from?

Wouldn't you be prepared to "give back" so someone else can benefit the same way that you are?

That's what Easy Profits Academy represents!

So... How do we achieve it?

First and foremost, and at the risk of sounding too repetitive, let's not lose sight of the fact that we operate as a team. Everyone contributes for the good of everyone else.  That's not to say that you are dictated to, nor that your life is not your own, just that you are asked and encouraged to participate in small “non-intensive” tasks that when performed by all members actually add up to a significant overall effort - this helps the team build gain and maintain momentum. 

Custom Marketing Campaigns

These consist of several lead capture pages that integrate with automated follow-up emails which are delivered periodically to build and maintain a relationship with your subscribers (in your personal list) and ultimate close sales for team build members. 

Perpetual Content Generation

Consistently adding new content on the EPA website ensures that there are a range of topics that team members can occasionally share (when each topic is published).  Sharing typically takes place on social media, which not only helps build traffic to the EPA website and ultimately the team build, but also enables each team member to increase their network of like-minded individuals (some of whom may well join them in business).

Article Submissions and Blog Commenting

These form part of a back linking strategy.  Seeking out popular blogs from leaders in the industry and leaving valuable or engaging commentary is a proven method of directing traffic from these blogs to any website.  In EPA's case, using a link back to an EPA article which is relevant to the blog post and subsequent comments, ensures the acquisition of new readership and continued engagement on the EPA website. 

Other Existing Traffic Strategies

Traffic exchanges, mailer sites and solo ad vendors also make up a reasonable proportion of the traffic generating methods.  EPA develops splash and capture pages that attract visitors from these resources to the EPA website or directly into the team build funnel, which closes sales. 

Membership and Services Exchange  

As mentioned above, AIOP membership is at the core of the income generation for our team build.  And... because of its vast array of tools and services it's also at the core of operations throughout the EPA website.  So instead of selling EPA derives for a given dollar amount, we exchange services or AIOP memberships.   This way, via the team build system, commissions are disbursed fairly to all team members, who also benefit from the services AIOP has to offer - services that exist to help people achieve their Internet marketing goals. 

Multiple Account Strategy

For those members with greater vision, there is the multiple account strategy.  This enables members to increase their stake in the team build by taking more than one position or account.  Doing so means they will receive multiple lots of unlimited downline members as part of the AIOP even-up compensation plan, and at the same time help another member to earn their first and subsequent monthly residual commissions.  

It's totally optional but thoroughly beneficial!


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Why Choose Easy Profits Academy?

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