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iCoinPro Micro Profit System

Turning Pennies into Thousands of Dollars a Month

With no end in sight, industry experts, economists and even billionaires are predicting Bitcoin will soar into the tens, more likely hundreds of thousands of dollars - some say, in the not too distant future, an individual coin may even top one million dollars. 

If you're looking for a substantial retirement nest egg, now is the time to start accumulating this digital currency… 

OK, let's be clear right from the start, iCoinPro is not just a concept or a simple website, it's a product, it's a community, it's a knowledge base - a true in-depth training platform.  Everything you want to know or need to benefit from the rising phenomena that is Cryptocurrency (most notably Bitcoin), can be found within iCoinPro

The system empowers you to start as a relative "wet behind the ears", "greener than green" newbie to digital currency, and blossom into a well-informed, systematically successful and wealthy Cryptocurrency trader. 

If you have the desire to learn and the capacity to acquire and assimilate information, iCoinPro will teach you how to significantly profit from it. 

The Micro Profit System

This is iCoinPro's flagship product, the core of the business. Years of cryptocurrency experience and hours upon hours of LIVE testing under real market conditions have enabled the production of a trading system which boasts of an ultra-high success rate.

The Micro Profit System is NOT an auto trading robot that you can simply set and forget.  It’s a meticulously tested manual trading strategy that enables you to make informed and accurate decisions about when to buy and when to sell Bitcoin (and other selected crypto currencies) for profit.  It also enables you to profit during unfavourable market conditions, such as crashes, etc.

Add to that, the development of the “Trade Finder” algorithm, which includes a bot that crawls coin pairs, highlights potential trades and delivers them directly to members via the iCoinPro app.

The Micro Profit System is available to all iCoinPro members within their members’ area alongside a multitude of informational and step-by-step training modules.  

Full Training Given

Even if you know little about Cryptocurrency or currency trading in general, you will find yourself in good hands.  iCoinPro’s library of proprietary training modules exist to suit people at all levels of experience – even complete beginners are catered for and well looked after.

With the core modules starting from buying your first Bitcoin to the emergence of cryptocurrencies, their purpose and function as well as securing your investment, you’ll quickly acquire sufficient knowledge to allay any fears you might have about stepping into the digital currency marketplace.

To ensure you have a complete understanding of each sub topic, the system ensures you only move on to the next step or module once you have completed the preceding one.

While the core modules give you a basic overview and understanding of cryptocurrencies, there are subsequent advanced modules that reinforce what you’ll have already learned and open your eyes to the numerous methods of earning money with digital currencies, as well as introducing you to the various alternatives to Bitcoin.

Introducing iCoinPro, a powerful training platform developed to empower the average person to easily accumulate significant amounts of the “wealth generating commodity” that is.... Bitcoin!

Let's face it... there's not a single person on the planet that didn't wish they knew about and had accumulated copious amounts of Bitcoin back in 2009 when it was worth only $0.008 (less than 1 cent) per coin.

With the predicted growth of this inaugural Cryptocurrency set to exceed the wildest dreams of everyone but the most seasoned economists and speculators, the opportunity to profit immensely in the coming few years still exists for all of us. 

iCoinPro has been designed to give you the opportunity to secure your financial future.

Putting the System to Work for You

Beyond the general Cryptocurrency training modules, you’ll find specific Micro Profit System modules that show you step by step how to apply strategies that have been tested and perfected by the iCoinPro team to generate consistent profits trading Bitcoin and or other digital currencies.

In this section, you are given the necessary tools and calculators that will enable you to effect trades,

track your profits (and any losses of course... trading does carry risks) and make informed decisions about when to act and when not to.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to an Advance Training video library enabling you to literally look over the shoulder of iCoinPro’s prominent team members to “see how it’s done”.  For anyone looking to get started with Cryptocurrency trading, the information available in these training modules could be considered priceless!

Dead Presidents Anyone?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “dead presidents” is slang for U.S. paper currency… the dollar.

If you’re looking at getting into Cryptocurrency trading (or any sort of currency trading), it’s because you’re interested in accumulating wealth – typically denoted by the U.S. dollar (especially online), but could in fact be any currency of your choosing.

With that said, you’ll be interested to know how you’ll get paid when you put the Micro Profit System into effect.  This is in fact covered in the training modules referred to beforehand, but it’s not the only way the iCoinPro system enables you to earn money (be it Bitcoin or fiat money).

Network marketing is perhaps one of the most popular methods used by online companies to distribute their products and iCoinPro enables it’s members to accumulate significant and substantial monthly commissions by sharing it’s outstanding Micro Profit System with others.  In fact, it’s entirely possible to accumulate plenty of Bitcoin simply and solely by distributing iCoinPro’s Micro Profit System.

The Compensation Plan

As a iCoinPro distributor, you can earn money one of five ways…

- Powerline Bonuses: All members can generate these commissions simply by taking the FREE Tour on the iCoinPro website.  These bonuses are paid monthly as long as membership remains “active”.

- Fast Start Bonuses: These bonuses are paid each subsequent week following the introduction of a new distributor(s) to iCoinPro.

- Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides: This is a rank-based commission that is paid out on a weekly basis, based upon the Fast Start Bonuses generated within your organisation of members who have achieved the same rank.

- Residual Income Matrix: Being matrixed based, this commission is based upon all members occupying a position within your organisation, regardless of whether you introduced them or not.  

- Matching Bonuses: Perhaps one of the most exciting bonuses ever devised in online business, this commission (paid monthly) enables a member to collect the equivalent percentage of the earnings of each of their personally introduced members.

Support When You Need It

Aside from the comprehensive proprietary training modules for the Micro Profit System and the supplied distributor marketing materials (such as affiliate websites and banners), iCoinPro has a dedicated support team that responds to queries concerning all aspects of membership.

Furthermore, “active” members are also given access to official company Facebook groups where they can interact with other members, interact with the CEO of the company or the Micro Profits System trainer and be privy to any breaking news or information regarding trends and potentially profitable trades.

As an iCoinPro member, you should find that help is always at hand!

Embracing Progress

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the platform upon which they reside represent huge technological advances and bring with them changes that will, over time, affect the lives of most the world’s population.

To that end, despite any potential peaks and troughs which are prevalent with any currency (albeit more evident with cryptocurrencies just now), you can rest assured that the digital currency marketplace will continue to grow and as such so will the value of Bitcoin and it’s alternatives.

iCoinPro exists to develop awareness, spread knowledge and empower it’s members to achieve a state of wealth formerly reserved for the already

very privileged or wealthy.  

Whether your interest is in utilising the Micro Profits System or distributing it, the potential for significant financial gain exists as more and more of the world’s population becomes aware of and susceptible to the use of Cryptocurrency.

Hopefully this overview gives you sufficient incentive to take a closer look at profiting from the emerging digital currency marketplace.  And while it highlights the key features of the iCoinPro system, you can discover additional more detailed information and potentially generate your first monthly bonuses by simply taking a FREE Tour ==> CLICK HERE <==

Love it or hate it?

Have your own opinion on the emergence and future impact of Bitcoin and the ever evolving Cryptocurrency phenomenon?

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