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PaySpree Sniper

Turn $5 into $2,000 a Month

Here is an income opportunity that is clearly aimed at newbies and people with a limited “start-up” budget, yet it’s totally understandable why it could be popular with experienced members of the network marketing community – those who already have a significant reach.

At just $4.99 one time, for the basic automated system, PaySpree Sniper (PSS) presents an attractive, affordable and virtually risk-free entry point into the world of affiliate marketing, the home business opportunity space.

Add to that the possibility to be included in the company rotator (where visitors to the main website are directed to member’ sales pages) and this recipe certainly represents a mouth-watering proposition.

Pricing that won’t break the bank

When evaluating any purchase, a new customer will always have a perceived value in mind.  Therefore, it’s highly likely that a potential new PaySpree Sniper affiliate will be pleasantly surprised at the low start-up cost.  In fact, it’s likely this is what attracts them in the first place.  

The ultra-low $4.99 (one-time) purchase price is clearly set to help reduce financial overheads and duck under the fees radar, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by PSS members.     

So… what do you actually get for just $5?

Let’s firstly consider that the majority of Internet income seekers are, shall we say, a special breed.  They typically consist of people who are lacking in online marketing experience, have limited time, limited disposable income and an urgent need to improve their financial circumstances.

This group of people are not website builders, they are not copywriters nor are they huge networkers, but they need extra money.  While this lack of skills would typically put such individuals at a distinct disadvantage, PaySpree Sniper clearly aims to fill a void, leaving the affiliate member with one sole point of focus.

Typically to earn money online you need to offer a product or service, you need to have a website and of course website visitors or traffic.  In actual fact, it is a little more involved than that and you can discover all the components of a successful online business by reading Online Marketing Basics.

With PaySpree Sniper, you don’t need to build a website.  You are given 4 webpages with which you can promote the PSS system itself or ClickBank products which are integrated into the system via a CBProAds affiliate marketing storefront - this immediately opens 2 income streams for you.

With PaySpree Sniper, you don’t need to write your own ads.  Included in the price of the basic package are pre-written email ads and short text ads that can either be simply copied and pasted or modified to suit your style or needs.  In any case, this takes the “thinking” out of the equation – one less thing for you to worry about.  At this point you should note that display banners are also provided.

With PaySpree Sniper you don’t need to be super connected in the affiliate and network marketing world.  While it does help to have an army of followers on social networks that live and breathe your every post, there are other “traffic generating” methods and PSS provides a list of some popular traffic resource websites.

Beyond that, you will also find that there exists a Facebook group with additional materials and guidance where you will also find the support of existing members and the PSS administrator.

So that’s…

- Website (DONE FOR YOU)

- Marketing materials (DONE FOR YOU)

- Traffic Resources (DONE FOR YOU)

- Guidance and support (DONE FOR YOU)

All for just $4.99 one time!!!

NO… we’re not done yet!

YES… this is the part where we say, “here’s where things get more interesting….”

PaySpree Sniper is not simply about reselling itself for one-off commissions.  As stated above, even at the basic level the potential to generate additional commissions from the sales of ClickBank digital products also exits.

But, if you didn’t already know it, residual income is where the REAL MONEY is at.  And to this end, the PaySpree Sniper automated marketing system is geared towards generating residual income via optional extra-cost integrated services.

The interesting thing about choosing to use one of the integrated services is that it also includes you in the company’s intelligent “guaranteed sales” rotator, which distributes traffic from the main website to affiliate members’ sites and only moves onto the next member in line when a sale has been made.

Given that the integrated services require a monthly commitment, the PSS system’s suite of follow-up emails aim to encourage your buyers to purchase the optional extra(s), which would, should you have also purchased them, generate a recurring monthly commission for you.  The more of your PSS buyers that system encourages to take the extra services, the bigger your monthly income can grow.

There’s real potential to grow something significant from an initial $5 outlay!

More than just a money spinner?

Despite it’s fully automated setup and the done-for-you resources that are obviously designed to make getting started making money a relatively simple affair, PaySpree Sniper is not just a point and shoot money maker.

There is significant encouragement towards and emphasis on the utilisation of proven industry tools and services, guidance on advertising resources organisation and management as well as numerous hints on persuasion techniques that will all culminate into a valuable learning experience for those who pay close enough attention.

There’s a very clear strategy behind PaySpree Sniper’s conception and that is to enable entry at a relatively risk-free low cost, which can then be leveraged into significant residual income using the integrated and essential industry tools/resources that are in effect that glue that holds together and automates the system.

Had a good or bad experience with PaySpree Sniper?  Want to know how to make it work for you?

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