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Secure low-cost fixed price display advertising with Easy Profits Academy (EPA) and benefit from our unique revenue sharing concept which can make advertising with us not only free, but potentially significantly profitable.

Please carefully read ALL the following information below to discover how advertising with Easy Profits Academy will benefit you in several ways and to ensure you understand how to successfully complete your banner submission.

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-1- How to add your banner to this site (step by step instructions)

-2- Benefits advertising with EPA

-3- Why we use a thrid party marketing platform

How to add your banner(s) to this website (only $11.50/month) ==>

Please keep this web page open so you can follow the steps below.  


Only one banner (per account) will be displayed on this website (EPA).  If you require us to include more than one banner in rotation, please repeat steps 1 to 4 below to create as many accounts as you need (this is the ONLY accepted method to create multiple accounts).

[STEP 1]

Click ==> HERE <== to create your account (website opens in a new window/tab)

[STEP 2]

Click the “Join” button on the navigation bar and complete the registration form (you will automatically be assigned a sponsor by our system)

[STEP 3]

Choose one of the available payment methods and upgrade/activate your account (banners will only be displayed for “active” paying account holders)

[STEP 4]

Only once your account is upgraded, send us your banner information by completing the form below…


You will receive a confirmation email with a link inside that you MUST CLICK for us to receive your banner and account information.  Please be sure to check both your INBOX and JUNK folder for the confirmation email.

If you experience any technical issues please contact

Benefits of using EPA

EPA is dedicated to and has been specifically developed to deliver increasing organic traffic through the continuous publication of IM related articles and via its ever-growing network of affiliates, sponsors, publishers and partners. 

This is predominantly targeted traffic for the "work at home" (home business opportunity) niche - visitors who have an interest in earning money online from the comfort of their homes and who would be susceptible to act upon such offers via display banners. 

The banners are rotated for each of our advertisers on almost all pages of this website. As the number of pages and visitors increases your banner (or banners) are displayed more frequently, thus increasing the number of visitors you could possibly receive to your website. 

As an additional bonus, Easy Profits Academy (EPA) includes all advertisers in the same “Powerline” pool as its affiliates, sponsors and team members.  Effectively all individuals who make payments for services to EPA via our chosen marketing platform (at $11.50/month) are eligible to receive 100% recurring monthly commissions as part of our revenue sharing concept.

In short, if you follow the 4 numbered steps above to activate your account with our chosen marketing platform, we will add your account (or accounts if you created more than one) into the “Powerline” in the next available position.  As more accounts are added, 100% recurring commissions are distributed to existing “Powerline” position holders in accordance with the compensation plan operated by our chosen marketing platform.

This basically means, if you choose to advertise with EPA, you could potentially earn increasing monthly residual 100% commissions with little to no additional effort on your part – our team does the marketing, advertising, following up and closing of sales that delivers residual income to your account(s).  

Why we use a third party marketing platform

Firstly, you should note that EPA does not take payments directly.  This is because the processing of payments and operating of merchant accounts etc takes both time and money and typically these costs are passed on to customers.  The EPA objective is to assist its partners, associates, affiliates and advertisers to make money (not to pass on financial overheads), and as such it makes more sense to use a 3rd party that already had payment processing capability.

Our choice of marketing platform had to meet certain criteria…

- It had to be low cost

- It had to offer a way for account holders to earn money (a compensation plan)

- It had to offer a system that enabled EPA to distribute commissions fairly as part of our revenue sharing concept

- It had to offer valuable tools and services that EPA affiliates and associates could utilise to maximise their profits potential

Our chosen marketing platform also enables account holders to display unlimited banner and text based ads on their website, as well as offers bonus advertising credits at many of its partner and network sites, thus increasing the volume of traffic you (as an advertiser with EPA) can receive and all for the same low monthly cost ($11.50) – you never need pay more.

To Summarise

Creating one (or more) accounts with our chosen advertising platform will enable you to include one (or more) banners on our Easy Profits Academy website. Your banner(s) will be included in rotation throughout the pages of our website and be shown to organic website visitors, affiliates, sponsors and team members, thus increasing your chances of acquiring customers and making sales of your products or services.

As well as receiving additional and unlimited banner and text based advertising for no extra cost via our chosen marketing platform, you will also be included in our “Powerline” revenue sharing distribution system which makes you eligible to receive increasing monthly residual 100% commissions, just for being associated with EPA as an “active” account holder.

Essentially, you could potentially earn an increasing monthly income by simply becoming an advertiser with Easy Profits Academy!

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